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After I graduated from college, I began reporting for a weekly newspaper, the Prosser Record-Bulletin in Prosser, Washington, in 1992.  They told me I got the job because I had my own camera and I could write. I still have my full-manual Minolta X370 with a 28-80 zoom lens.  It was a great job, and I had a great editor who had been a Photograher’s Mate in the U.S. Navy. She really gave me a master’s level education in taking good news photographs and choosing the best images from a contact sheet.  I moved to Alabama in 1993. Three of my features won awards from the Washington State Newspaper Association that year.

Since then, I have worked for other newspapers as a reporter and photographer, for Alabama Public Radio at the University of Alabama as a morning news anchor, and as a television producer, reporter and videographer.

I began working at CBS 42 News in Birmingham, Alabama, back in November of 1999, and was responsible for investigating, reporting, interviewing, writing, videotaping and editing my own stories each day. I have covered many different kinds of stories, including criminal trials and crime scenes, natural disasters, education and business news, medical and environmental news, and human interest stories. I have  enjoyed the unpredictability of the news business, where interviewing a former U.S. President one day and an 80-year-old Blues master the next day is not unusual.

My freelance photojournalism career was a personal choice I planned and have been enjoying since October, 2008.  Since I left full-time TV news, my work has taken me all over Central and South Alabama, as well as across the entire country of Canada in a week! My family and I are really blessed and thankful for each new adventure.

It’s the people I meet every day, listening to their stories and sharing them with a wider audience, that have made the biggest impact on my life and career. Everyone has a story that is worth hearing, because I believe  people’s lives matter, whatever their circumstances or choices.

— John Marc Green


My cousin Joel Patterson’s graduation in the Spring of 2009; I shot this and put it up on the internet so my Uncle Marc could see it — he was working in Iraq this year and I didn’t want him to miss the big day. I was named for my Uncle Marc on my Mom’s side, and my Uncle John on my Dad’s side. Shot with my Sony Z5U and edited with Sony Vegas Pro 8.0.

Here’s a piece called “How to play Tichu” that I made with my pal Daniel Hurst. We both like strategy board and card games, and he was kind enough to be the host of the video.

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