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Call:   (205) 370-2997


I have a valid passport and am willing to travel. I covered 7,000 miles in October 2009 for a mini-documentary project in Canada that I shot in a week and edited in a week and a half.

My phone is email equipped; please leave a message and I will call you as soon as possible, or if you need to reach me immediately, please send a text message to my phone number or email me and it will ring on my phone. If I am in a deposition, I turn off my phone but I can still send and receive text or email messages.


All rates are negotiable based on your needs and budget. I offer a standard hourly rate and a day rate for production and post-production, as well as per-project rates depending on the length and complexity of the work. Typically, web video content, as opposed to a commercial, costs an average of $300-$500 or more per finished, published minute, depending on motion graphics, music, voice work, and number of camerasm equipment and crew members involved in the shoot.

Generally, It takes about twice to three times as long to edit content as it does to shoot it; a one-day shoot often involves 2-3 days of editing or more for a 4-5 minute video feature story. A short video might take only a day to shoot and edit; a longer video could take up to a week or more to shoot and edit. A complex, short video with lots of animated graphics, music, professional voice work, special shots like aerial footage, etc., might take a month to put together in terms of scheduling, production and post-production.


I have an extensive library of production graphics and music. I can shoot and deliver HD video formatted for use on a Mac or PC editing system. I shoot HD or SD video on Mini-DV tape with simultaneous capture to Compact Flash or SD cards for instant editing access or data transfer without having to capture tape in real time, as well as for a secure backup of the footage.

My equipment package includes a Sony Z5U 3-chip professional HD video camera, a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR with L-grade lenses in focal lengths from super wide angles to telephoto angles, 2 Bogen/Manfrotto fluid-head tripods, a basic lighting package with LED, florescent and tungsten lights, C-stands & light modifiers, Lectrosonics wireless mic & receiver, Sony wired lavalier mics, a Peavey mixer, a large background stand with seamless paper as well as muslin backdrops, and other lighting and audio gear.

I edit with Final Cut Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite on Mac and PC edit stations, facilitating the compatibility requirements of the client or production house.

Thanks for your interest!


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