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Television Feature Stories

These videos are some of my favorite feature stories from my last two years as a reporter-photographer-editor at CBS 42 News, after working there from 1999 to 2008.  They are stories I like to watch over and over again; not because I made them from start to finish, but because the people I met and the things they did moved me to laughter, tears, or sheer amazement, and they still do.

JMG from my reporting days at CBS42 News

I always strive to let the story, not the storyteller, be the focus of my work. I always told interns who were interested in television careers, “it’s not about you, it’s about the story. Tell it the best you can, with great sound, video, and writing. Make it good enough that you would want to watch it again five or ten years from now, even if it were not your own work.”

Each of the features on this page was conceived, shot, written, edited and produced by John Marc Green as the normal output of a single news day, usually representing 4 to 5 hours of actual videography and production work.

Running Out Of Time

A retired locomotive engineer who lives with the memories of fatal accidents he could not stop is trying to prevent future deaths in Thorsby, Alabama.

Family Tragedy

One of the most profoundly sad stories I have ever covered in 10 years of broadcast television experience; this story is hopefully a turning point for the neighborhood and the city in which it happened.

10-Year-Old Hero

John-Jackson Guthery is a very good swimmer, and his quick thinking saved a little girl’s life.

Scootering Alabama

Jerry Winegard didn’t let a near-fatal injury get him down; in fact, he gets around quite well, on two wheels.

Amateur Radio Field Day

The Blount County Amateur Radio Club joined thousands of other HAM Radio clubs around the world for a 24-hour emergency drill.

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