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Found a GOLD Mine of Photo How-To Tips

November 22, 2009

Ken Rockwell tells you how to time your shots to get spectacular results

While I was window-shopping for lenses and camera gear, I stumbled across Ken Rockwell’s amazing photography website, where he reviews all sorts of cameras and lenses, and gives away TONS of free information about how to take great photographs with ANY camera. He knows what he’s talking about, as you can see from the above photo. There’s a whole lot more where that came from, too.

He’s got an entire book’s worth of articles that show you exactly how to look and see great shots before you ever push the button to take a picture. He says anybody can take great shots with ANY camera, by building on the basics and by cutting out distracting elements.

If you want to take better photographs today, spend just a few minutes reading some of these articles:

How to Make Great Photographs

How to Create a “Masterpiece”

Composition: “S.EX.” and Balance

I love this quote:  “The less gear you bring the more you can concentrate on making great images.”  –Ken Rockwell

This guy makes you feel like you really can grab your point-and-shoot pocket camera and go out and do some great work. His writing is clear, basic, understandable, and funny.  I have read a LOT of photography books over the years, both for photos and video, and this is some of the best instructional writing on any sort of photography I have ever found.

He does ask for donations to help him pay the bills, but it’s optional, and after reading some of his material I can see why it would be worth it to help him keep the lights on.  I am always trying to find ways to improve my image-making ability, and it’s great to have found such a great resource at Even if you’re not a photographer, you will find some really stunning images on his website, pictures that will make you go “WOW!” and make you want to pick up a camera and try it yourself.

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