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Evil Flying Squirrel vs. Giant Bunny (funny short)

January 2, 2010

Well, Happy New Year!

For the first Backpack Cinema blog post of 2010, I wanted to find something really good and funny. I think you won’t be disappointed. The following short film was developed in 2008 using Blender: a completely free, open-source 3D animation software program, created by a team of top artists to show the flexibility and power of the software. The film result, “Big Buck Bunny,” is also licensed freely as open content. It’s also one of the funniest animated shorts on the web!

It’s the story of a lovable giant bunny who isn’t going to be pushed around by some ornery rodents.

Also, here’s a quick animated film with a clever visual reference to Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey,” which is not my favorite movie, but it’s pretty good….

I actually liked the sequel, “2010: The Year We Make Contact,” much better. It was a 1984 Sci-fi film where I saw the first depiction of a “laptop” computer. The main character played by Roy Scheider was typing up some notes on it while he sat on the beach: very far-out stuff back then when we just barely had those giant Apple IIe desktop computers that took up just about the whole desk!

Well, it’s 2010, and I’m typing this on a laptop computer, so that part came true. The protagonist also had a pet dolphin, which so far I have not managed to acquire, but we do have some pictures and figurines of dolphins from our trip to Sea World a few years ago. Go figure. Okay, enough digression. Here is… “Snack Attack”

Wishing you the best in 2010,


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