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Adventure Glue (short film)

January 12, 2010

A short film about a little girl with a big imagination. It starts out pretty normal, with an endearing and well-photographed subject, then gets a lot more more interesting toward the end:

Adventure Glue:

It’s a really simple concept, very well executed. Here is the page at Vimeo, where you can see more of filmmaker Karen Abad’s work…

She shot it on an Arri 35 camera with Zeiss prime lenses; for those cinematographers out there, you know that’s a very expensive rig. But some of her other work was shot with the Canon 7D DSLR, and it’s hard to tell a huge difference in quality. Abad reveals she is a grad student at a cinematography school, so  $200,000 cameras are “pretty accessible,” she writes in a response to a comment on the video.

The storytelling here is pretty simple, and it’s an idea that could be easily duplicated, although it would require a lot of planning and prep work ahead of time, and it might not look this good. But the length, the music, the lack of audible dialog all make this an effective short web film. Don’t miss the “making of the film” photos down the right side of the page.

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