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Lexus meets The Twilight Zone: “Rift” (short film)

January 19, 2010

This is going to sound like a Twilight Zone episode just describing what the video is. Apparently Lexus, the car company, a division of Toyota, has gotten into the short film/web video business. They have a site called “L Studio,” and one of the videos there is a really interesting short film called “Rift.” It’s got pretty high production value for a short film: really good special effects, cinematography, lighting and sound. It’s also very much like a mini-episode of the Twilight Zone all by itself…

Click the photo to watch the film:

Click the photo to watch "Rift" at L Studio

The good folks at Lexus put an explanation for their L Studio site way down at the bottom, on their “About L Studio” link, which releases a pop-up that says this:

“Lexus has always been inspired by finding unique ways to look at the world: searching, discovering and studying until we find the unexpected approach that gives rise to innovation. This exploration compels us to look beyond automobiles, to study nature and observe people as they move through the world.  L Studio is an eclectic collection of unique perspectives meant to inspire you. We’ve chosen surprising, intelligent and original work from the worlds of art, culture, design, science, entertainment, architecture and beyond. We hope that what you find at L Studio will spark new ideas and help you innovate in your own way.”

So now we know. 🙂

Here’s a huge car company making art for its own sake, in the form of short films. That’s gotta be an impressive indicator of the rising value of the short-form video format, right? At any rate, these videos don’t sell cars. At least, I don’t immediately have the urge to run out and buy a Lexus after watching “Rift.” But then, remember their first commercials on TV, where you never even saw the car, just the logo at the end with some pretty scenery and willowy music?

There are several other short films at the L Studio site, which you might find interesting.

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  1. December 11, 2010 7:24 PM

    Not bad.

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